Westgrove Deeps Project

The Westgrove Deeps project is a significant tight gas play targeting the lower Reids Dome Beds.

The Westgrove Deep play is situated in PL44 and underlies the Westgrove and Merivale fields. The prospect was penetrated by the Westgrove 3 well drilled in 1963. This well flowed gas to surface from sandstones at ~3,750m. The gas composition was 97% methane with ~3% inerts. The mud weight used to drill the reservoir section suggests high overpressures (up to ~1,060psi). This would indicate a significant gas column. From gas readings encountered during drilling, a 200m gross gas column was penetrated and the column was thought to be only partially penetrated. Westgrove 3 was plugged and abandoned due to casing issues.

The focus of the joint venture is on the assessment of the technical data set acquired from the recently cased and suspended Westgrove 9 well and Westgrove 2D seismic survey. The forward plan for Westgrove 9 is expected to include fracture stimulation and production test of a number of zones of interest.