Our Focus

Dedicated to deliver the difference

Leveraging our deep industry expertise and existing production pipeline, Denison has the capability and agility to deliver commercially, environmentally and socially. Committed to progressively producing what the world’s demanding, we’re already moving to build on this platform in many ways.

For investors

It means being associated with an ethical company with firm blue-chip contracts and a clear decarbonisation vision. It’s a solid growth platform that includes multiple gas fields, extensive gas gathering and recently upgraded processing infrastructure. In total our assets are spread across 2,700 km2 of production and exploration licenses.

For energy users

It’s an opportunity to astutely partner on a progressive journey to low carbon including exploring the possibilities of hydrogen.

For communities

It’s the knowledge that Denison is playing its part in protecting the environment and helping grow the region in which you live.

For all Australians

It’s a commitment to boost the economy and reduce emissions. This is resolutely underpinned by an exemplary HSE record wherever Denison operates.

Essentially, it’s the pride in doing the right thing and sharing in the rewards this can bring.

A focused strategic vision

Our future promise is underpinned by a resolute strategy and clear management vision.

As Australia transits to a low carbon future, we aim to grow reliable production in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to meet the energy needs of communities and deliver strong financial returns to our investors.

In the short-term this translates into:

  • Upgrading the existing processing and gathering network to meet higher field production.
  • Achieving substantial production and reserve uplift from current acreage and near-field expansions.
  • Completing initial phases of targeted decarbonisation projects which involve infrastructure studies on hydrogen production and carbon capture partnerships with research institutes and industry partners.

In the long-term this will result in:

  • Unlocking and commercialising the energy potential within the Bowen Basin in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Meeting Australia’s increasing energy demand.
  • Delivering successful decarbonisation projects with a view to achieving net-zero well before 2050.

Values that define and drive us

Human energy is at the heart of our success. So, we are naturally proud of our values.

They help define and drive us. If you like what you see, you may want to also click-on ‘Working with Denison’.

We CARE about people and the environment
  • The health and safety of our people and the community is critically important to us.

  • We minimise our impact on the environment and take a long-term view on the sustainability of our operations.

We COLLABORATE internally and with our stakeholders
  • We collaborate as one team, haring knowledge and insights, valuing diversity and supporting our colleague's development.

  • We engage with our stakeholders at all levels to find mutually beneficial solutions.

  • We are consistent, transparent and are accountable for our decisions and actions.

  • We pride ourselves on making pragmatic and rigorously supportable, commercial, financial and technical decisions.

  • We efficiently manage our activities with ingenuity, enthusiasm and diligence.

  • We are focuses on achieving the best possible outcomes for everything we do.

  • We take a long-term view of our business, our relationships and our results.