Responsible and sustainable, our growth is enhanced by rigorous Environmental, Social, and Governance protocols. We draw on independent external expertise to ensure these align with evolving industry ESG best practice. Informing and inspiring us all to promote a culture of continual improvement.

Minimising the impact on the environment is pivotal to all our futures.
Our commitment to environmental care in every sense is unwavering and it is at the heart of healthy, happy workplaces and communities.

Ways in which we achieve this include:

  • External environmental audits and compliance reviews.
  • Communicating openly with employees, contractors, government and the community on environmental issues.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among company personnel and contractors to increase understanding and proactive initiatives.
  • Compliance with the Denison Environmental Policy is a requirement for all staff and contractors. All policies meeting industry codes and APPEA standards.
  • Integrating proven management systems to identify, control and monitor environmental risks arising from operations.
  • Supplying affordable natural gas to support Australia’s ongoing transition towards a low-carbon economy.
  • Reduced carbon emissions through membrane enhancement.
  • Acquiring and reinvigorating existing infrastructure to minimise impact and increase resource recovery.
  • Denison is also in the process of upgrading surface infrastructure to environmental standards beyond those required under its Petroleum Leases.
  • Commitment to Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) studies by partnering with universities and industry specialists.
  • Providing access to current copies of critical management plans, procedures and associated resources.

Environmental Management Plan

Denison implements an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) which addresses the Denison Operational and Development Area. The purpose of this Denison EMP is to:

  • Serve as a tool which describes the tasks and processes applicable in an operational scope which must be undertaken to facilitate compliance with internal and external commitments/conditions;
  • Provide connectivity between legislative and internal objectives and the associated resources developed to foster compliance;
  • Provide transparency and guidance with regards to the scope, application and access to internal systems;
  • Assist in providing an awareness of roles and responsibilities in Environmental Management;
  • Facilitate continual improvement in the environmental performance of Denison Business; and
  • Provide access to current copies of critical management plans, procedures and associated resources.

Social and Heritage Management

Comprehensive and effective community and stakeholder engagement is important to Denison. Community and stakeholder engagement on the Denison developments began in 2008 as part of the Australia Pacific LNG Project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. Key stakeholders involved in the EIS included the broader community, landholders, peak industry groups, First Nations, as well as local, Queensland and Federal elected representatives and officers from regulatory bodies, and environmental, agricultural and business groups.

Denison is committed to working in partnership with landowners and other stakeholders in and around its permit areas. Areas of high productivity farming, environmental sensitivity and traditional ownership are considered in depth at the planning stage of all exploration and development projects through our Social and Heritage Management Plans.

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