Denison Gas Community

Denison Gas is committed to working in partnership with landowners and other stakeholders in and around its permit areas. Areas of high productivity farming, environmental sensitivity and traditional ownership are considered in depth at the planning stage of all exploration and development projects.

Denison Gas’ goal of providing cost competitive energy to consumers naturally directs corporate objectives to low cost, low impact land access solutions that involve minimal interference and shared benefits for development.

Denison Gas is committed to being recognized as an operator of choice by stakeholders, community and staff members alike. We employ a significant number of local workers in the Denison Trough region. From its early founding, Denison Gas was also an early mover in offering employment opportunities and training to young Australians in a bid to plan for succession and growth despite a prolonged industry downturn. Denison Gas is focused on the development of a legacy Australian Oil and Gas company with the capacity to secure reliable gas supply long into the future.