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Media Release – Denison enters into first Native Title Agreements

March 14, 2024 , Last updated on

Denison is pleased to announce it has entered into its first agreements regarding Native Title with Traditional Owners of lands on which it operates.

On Friday 8 March 2024, key representatives from the Iman and Gunggari People and Denison gathered on Iman land in Injune, in the Maranoa Region, Queensland, to sign these agreements.

The agreements pave the way for the grant of a new exploration tenement to Denison. ATP 2060 was awarded to Denison in July 2020 subject to formal agreements with relevant Government Departments, which included a process to negotiate Native Title arrangements.

The ATP 2060 block is located directly to the east of the Yellowbank gas plant and is prospective for conventional gas and deep tight gas.

One of the key precursors to the formal granting of the permit was to establish Conjunctive Agreements with the native title parties on whose land ATP 2060 activities may be undertaken in the future.

Denison recently concluded negotiation of Conjunctive Agreements with both the Iman #4 and Gunggari People.

Iman country covers the majority of the ATP with only a small portion on Gunggari land, but most of Denison’s southern operations across existing tenements stand on traditional Gunggari land.

These agreements cover compensation and employment and business development opportunities for the Native Title parties, and how the parties will work together to enhance cultural awareness and job opportunities.

Mr. Benson Wong, CEO of Denison, commented:

“This marks an important milestone in the relationship between the three parties, and the first of its kind for Denison with any Indigenous group. We look forward to continuing building the immense goodwill the parties have developed to date and finding additional opportunities to work closely together.”

About Denison:

Denison (Denison Gas Limited and its subsidiaries Denison Gas (Queensland) Pty Ltd, Denison Renewables Pty Ltd and Denison Petroleum Services Pty Ltd) is a natural gas production and exploration company focused on both efficiently increasing its existing conventional gas production and developing the significant CSG and tight gas resources within its Denison Trough tenement areas in Queensland. 

Since April 2019, Denison has operated 14 gas fields, 2 gas processing facilities, 4 additional gas compression facilities and a 315km gas pipeline network connected to the open-access Eastern Australian gas transmission system.

Following the restart in early 2020 of the Denison North production operations that had been shut-in by the previous operator since 2011, Denison embarked on a program to bring its remaining 2P conventional gas reserves into production, fill its available gas processing capacity, meet its executed gas sales agreements through to 2026, and to allow contracting of new gas sales. The Company is also focused on development of its contingent CSG resources and tight gas potential to position itself to become a significant independent producer into the East Australian gas market. 

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