Evolving energy.
Powering sustainability.

Evolving energy.
Powering sustainability.

The natural energy to make the difference

There’s a new energy in the air. One that at Denison we’ve been progressively gearing up to deliver. As Australia transitions to net-zero emissions, we’re using our proven know-how to meet the low-carbon needs the future is demanding.

Our core commitment

Focused on the dynamic Eastern Australian gas market, exploration and production remain at the core of what we do. Our name was born out of our activities in Queensland’s energy-rich Denison Trough. Here we’ve already brought new life to existing infrastructure and rejuvenated natural gas supply to local industry and households.

A natural evolution

Beyond this, we’re realising our natural passion to make a real difference by investigating decarbonisation and new energy opportunities with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint. It’s a natural evolution that holds much promise.

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    Authority to Prospect Tenures

  • 10

    Petroleum Leases

  • 81

    Production Wells

  • 2710

    Total Permitted Area (km2)

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