Denison Trough

Project Overview

Denison Trough production assets are in the northeastern section of the Bowen Basin. This is one of the main natural gas supply sources for Eastern Australia. The Denison Trough encompass 14 gas fields (10 PLs), with a total area of 1159 km2

These assets are split into two geographical areas, the Rolleston Project and Yellowbank Project.

The Rolleston Gas Plant is positioned around the regional town of Rolleston, covering an area of 539 km2

The Yellowbank Project is about 45km north west of the town of Injune, covering a 620km2 in area.

The assets comprise of discovered conventional gas, CSG and tight gas resources. Conventional gas has been flowing for almost 30 years with current gross productivity of around 16TJ/d. The quantity of the Coal Seam Gas and tight gas is proven and extensive across the permit areas. Pilot production for CSG and tight gas wells will be a primary short to medium term objective for Denison Gas. There are multiple enhancement opportunities for existing wells and infill drilling opportunities.

Project Name Denison Trough

Number of permitted blocks 10

Area of permitted blocks 2710 square kilometres

Number of production wells 75