Company Overview and Strategy

Denison Gas Limited and its affiliates (together Denison Gas) is a gas production and exploration company focussed on supplying the east Australian domestic gas market. The project area is located within the Denison Trough portion of the greater Bowen Basin, a prolific hydrocarbon province that has produced over 320 PJ of gas. Denison Gas operates 14 gas fields across 10 Production Leases, 2 ATPs and 2 PCAs with a current stock of 68 wells. In support of this production, Denison Gas operates 2 gas processing facilities, 4 additional gas compression facilities and a 200 kilometre gas pipeline network connected to the east Australian gas market via the Jemena Queensland Gas Pipeline. The project also hosts significant CSG and tight gas exploration targets in the same formations being successfully produced and tested in the nearby Fairview / Spring Gully and Mira / Mahalo gas fields. Denison Gas aims to become a significant domestic energy player with the assets positioned to materially grow from their current gas production levels.

Our strategies are as follows: 

Short-term Goals:

  • Upgrade the existing processing and gathering network to meet higher field production
  • Optimise production of existing conventional gas wells
  • Appraise and mature the CSG resources of the permit areas to reserves
  • Understand through exploration the extent and size of the tight gas resource

Long-term Goals:

  • Unlock and commercialise the significant energy potential within the Bowen Basin in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner at a critical time in Australia’s domestic energy supply.

Drone Video of Denison Gas Assets and Drilling Program